Stay Home And keep Hacking.

Due to this Covid-19 situation we were unable to organise an onsite hackathon this year but we're hackers and nothin' can stop us from building amazing stuff right! The reason why decided to go digital this year and keep building the amazing stuff like we did in the last two versions of JUET Hacks.
JUETHacks is 48 hours for you to learn, create, and celebrate. For the whole weekend, 200+ students will come together as aspiring developers, engineers, builders, designers—any person who has a desire to create something—focus on a project, and learn by making.

From abundant mentors to workshops, JUETHacks will be the platform to start your exploration into development and the community space for hanging out with some of the brightest minds. So come join us, and let’s have an awesome weekend.

Who is JUETHacks for?

Are you currently enrolled in a JUET? Are you interested in building something awesome? Congratulations! You are eligible!

With JUETHacks 3.0(Virtual), we look forward to making an environment for our university student to explore their desire to learn more about technology. Spanning from first timers who have never coded to veteran hackers, JUETHacks will accomodate for all levels of expertise.

48 hours

of hacking

In this 48 hours teams have to learn, build, and fix all the things.

5 people

per team

You can Register for JUETHacks on Clicking Register for JUETHacks button.Great minds work and learn best when working together.

5+ workshops

learn away

From iOS to IoT, from Git to Design, we are sharing the knowledge, getting you jumpstarted on what you need.

Event Schedule

Though most of the time will be allocated to hacking, we also have a lots of workshops, tech talks and fun events. This schedule will be updated with time for activities and workshops as the event nears, so make sure to keep up to date!

Friday,June 19 - Saturday, June, 20



Announcement of the Themes


Hacking Begins!

Workshops and more to follow!





Gaming Tournament


Sunday, June 21



Gaming Tournament


Submission Ends



8:00pm to 9:30pm



Hacking Ends!

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You got questions? Well, do we have some answers for you.

But if we do not answer your question below, please feel free to reach out to us at

What is a JUETHacks?

JUETHacks is a 48 hours event where projects are made from idea to prototype. At the end of the given time, projects are presented to mentors, yes, includes prizes. The purpose of this hackathon is to have students learn development by creating a product while being provided resources like free-rentable hardware, tech workshops, and mentors. JUETHacks is a space where road-blocks are eliminated, and students can learn new skills with ease.

What should I bring?

This time we are going digital so you just have stay home build things!

Help, this is my first hackathon!?

That is awesome! We are so glad you decided to be a part of the hacker community. JUETHacks welcomes everyone of any major and any level as long as they have a passion for development! We will have workshops during the event, mentors to help you through any troubles, so no matter what skill levels, we will provide the resources to help you learn.

What do I do about teams?

Gather your friend. No worries about knowing anyone beforehand; JUETHacks is for creating new connections and new people from the University. Only 5 people per team and there will be special prizes for "all girls members" team.

How much will I be spending?

Just like the best things in life, it’s free! the swag is free, the prizes are free, the fun is free!

Will I be sitting at my computer whole day?

That decision is up to you, but if you would like a break, we have so much for you to do. We will have a multitude of activities.

You are not alone in your endeavour, you'll be guided by the very best in the business